Listening To Conflict (for Focusers): Nov 14 & Dec 5 2015

This is an introduction to a very simple, yet powerful way to help people who are in conflict. It prepares you to be the third person, the “listener”, in a situation where two other people are in conflict.

This workshop will take place via teleconference:
– one hour training on Saturday November 14, 2015 at 2 pm EST
– one hour “lessons learned” on Saturday December 5, 2015 at 2 pm EST

This workshop is meant for people who have prior experience of “Focusing”, i.e. who are already trained in listening to their own felt sense, and bringing that quality of connection when listening to another person.

In the November 14 one-hour session, we will cover:
– group discussion about your experiences of conflict, when it is debilitating, but also when it can be a springboard for growth,
– description of the “Listening To Conflict” approach
– Q & A about this approach, and how to apply it in practice

We believe that one learns best from actual practice. So we encourage you to practice your skills in the weeks following the first session. Then, in the December 5 one-hour session, we will discuss your experiences.

This workshop is for people who are trained in Focusing. Please register through the Focusing Institute’s website.

Please note:
– We will be recording the session so as to make it possible for others who cannot join us in person to get the benefit of this training.
– We are offering this workshop as a fundraiser for The Focusing Institute. You must give a donation to sign up, but the amount is up to you. The suggested donation is $50. If you need to give less, that’s fine. Please give extra if you can. Thank you for supporting the Institute!

This workshop is facilitated by Rosa Zubizarreta and Serge Prengel

Zubizarreta-RosaRosa Zubizarreta works with leaders and groups to transform the friction of diverse perspectives into creative energy and wholeness. Trained in action research and organization development, her pioneering contributions are centered on the potential of empathy (what we Focusers call “experiential listening”) to evoke shared understanding and group flow. As the author of “From Conflict to Creative Collaboration: A User’s Guide to Dynamic Facilitation,” she teaches this work internationally to consultants, facilitators, and mediators. Her professional background also includes clinical social work and education reform. A certified Focusing trainer, she is well-versed in Internal Family Systems and Inner Empathy practices.

Prengel-SergeSerge Prengel, LMHC, is in private practice in New York City, and leads experiential workshops on Relational Mindfulness. He is trained in Focusing, Core Energetics and Somatic Experiencing. He was deeply influenced by Yvonne Agazarian’s systems-oriented approach. Serge is the editor of Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy and of Active Pause.