Want to think out of the box? Enter a Mindful Listening Partnership.

In this video conversation with Beatrice Blake, we talk about how to think out of the box: Instead of just relying on linear logic, how we can use all of our resources in a mindful way.

We hope you are inspired by this conversation to experiment with a Mindful Listening Partnership.
 In addition to the above video, you may find it helpful to read more about Mindful Listening Partnerships  and FAQ.

This Creative Listening Partnership is based on the principles of Focusing and Thinking At the Edge (TAE). Once you experience how naturally this process works, you may want to find out more. For information on Focusing, sessions with a Focusing trainer, as well as workshops and trainings, visit the Focusing Institute’s website.

Blake-BeatriceOriginally trained as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Beatrice Blake has been a Certified Focusing trainer since 2000. She offers individual and small group classes for people who want to learn how to think from their own lived experience. Beatrice offers free half-hour introductory sessions online.  She also teaches “Generating a Culture of Peace”, combining Nonviolent Communication and Focusing. Find out more at http://possibility-space.com. In Spanish at http://focusingelsalvador.org.

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