Barbara Dickinson on creative interaction & listening

We think of mindfulness as a solitary or inner pursuit. What about what happens in interaction? In this conversation we are talking about how to approach human interaction as a form of mindfulness where we are noticing our innate reactivity and gaining access to a more evolved part of ourselves, and how in doing so we are transforming our sense of self and our relationships with others.
This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only, and as a printable PDF transcript.

Audio only:

dickinson-barbaraBarbara Dickinson finished a long career at the US Federal Reserve in 2010, and now consults on strategic organizational improvement. She has earned, among other credentials, certification as a Strengths Performance Coach from the Gallup Organization. In 2006, she learned the practice called Focusing, completing her certification as a Focusing Professional in 2009, and is now an enthusiastic learner and teacher of the many facets of focusing and the related practice, “Thinking at the Edge.” After volunteering her services to The Focusing Institute as a management consultant in 2011 and 2012, Barbara decided to share her expertise more widely as a strengths-oriented consultant interested in helping especially non-profit organizations innovate, think and work at their “edge,” improve emotional intelligence and build better teams. Barbara lives in New Jersey with Holly, her Jack Russell Terrier.

Resources for what we discuss in this podcast:

– Simple ways to have a Mindful Listening Partnership – See also FAQ
– Other resources about listening, felt sense & making sense
– “Focusing” is a process for helping your mind listen to the wisdom of your body.” Developed by Dr. Eugene T. Gendlin, it is well documented with multiple resources at the International Focusing Institute Website.
– “Interactive Focusing is a powerful process that teaches experientially how to be in right relationship both with oneself and other. Developed by two psychologists, Dr. Janet Klein and Dr. Mary McGuire, there is an intiative underway to make documentation and resources available online.